Mysterious Angel Appears and Bewilders Everyone when he Saved Car Crash Victim With Prayer

A young woman was hit by a drunk driver and trapped inside her car. First responders arrived and struggled to find a way to get her out, but none of the equipment and tools. Finally, still conscious yet suffering from various injuries, the woman asked the rescuers to simply pray with her, which they did.
Moments later, seemingly out of nowhere, a priest arrived on the scene, holding a small white bottle. He asked the rescue workers if he could anoint the woman with his ointment and pray for her. The woman then became very calm, despite the pain of numerous broken bones.
The priest told the rescuers not to worry, their tools would work and they would be able to free her. Shortly after, another rescue truck arrived. Their equipment was in fact effective in freeing the woman from the car! Meanwhile, the priest had vanished. No photo’s taken of the scene show the priest. There is currently an effort being made to find him and thank him, though with his vanishing act, and him not showing up in any photos, many believe he may have been an angel. What an incredible story!

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