Navy Crew was Confused by Large Mass in Water. When they get a Closer Look, they All Jump Overboard

Navy is amazing not only because of the hard work they do to keep us all safe, but because no matter how improbable the crisis is, they find a way to respond.
I mean how often do you see an elephant adrift almost 10 miles off-shore? There’s no specialized equipment to deal with that sort of problems, all you have to rely on is your hard work and the ability to improvise.
It was instantly apparent to the naval team that this exhausted and distressed elephant needed to be rescued as soon as possible. Additional teams were immediately dispatched to the site in order to partake in the enormous elephant mission, and a rescue plan was formed. It was all hands on deck as everyone quickly got to work!
Check out one of the most amazing rescue I’ve seen and join us in celebration of navy teams from all over the world by sharing this video.

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