Nervous Teen Collapses Onstage in Tears when She Hears Simon`s Response

On The X Factor UK 2016 6 Chair Challenge, Simon is faced with many difficult decisions as he has to whittle the contestant count down to only a final six.
And, by the time 16-year-old Olivia Garcia takes the stage for her turn, she’s facing a terrifying sight: all six chairs have already been filled.
The young girl is visibly nervous as she takes the stage. Her voice breaks as she introduces herself, saying she “only hopes to make Simon proud.”
Before the music starts playing, a skeptical Simon turns to his fellow judges and mutters, “She’s so nervous.”
While Simon may have been momentarily under the impression that Garcia would not be able to perform, he was instantly blown away from the first note that Garcia sang. The rest of the judges couldn’t contain their excitement, and the look on Simon’s face says it all.

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