Police Officer Shows up at Door in The Middle of her Boy’s Failed Birthday Party

Terra Hubbard prepared to celebrate her little boy’s third birthday and she made sure everything looked perfect. She also invited plenty of family and friends to join the festivities, but soon she found herself fielding calls from guests giving her lame excuses as to why they wouldn’t be able to make it. Though they attempted to cover their tracks, Terra felt it was likely because Brayden’s autism makes many of them uncomfortable.
With just a few family members sticking around to celebrate the sweet toddler’s big day, she was close to calling the whole thing off. That’s when she heard a knock at the door and greeted Yukon, OK, police officer Lt. Curtis Lemmings.
So he and several his fellow officers, including Capt. Matt Hofer, decided to fill in and give the little guy a day he’d never forget! The department prides itself on being community-oriented, and certainly proved their point for this happy boy.
Brayden was treated to a ride in a patrol car on top of the fun and games his mom had already planned.

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