She sat with many Strangers, but when this Man Shows up I Got Goosebumps

Artist Marina Abramovic was immersed in a performance art piece where she sits with a stranger in silence for one minute while directly looking at one another.
Thirty years ago Marina was involved in an intense love affair with an artist named Ulay. They lived in a van together doing performances. When they decided to separate, they walked the Great Wall of China, meeting in the middle. They embraced one last time, then turned around and never saw each other again.
Ulay showed up as a stranger. Marina had no idea he was there and it wasn’t until she lifted her head to face, whom she thought would be just a random person, that she realized it was Ulay. The powerful emotion that comes over her is incredible. Ulay leaves after the minute is up and she is barely able to carry on the performance. Incredibly moving.

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