Teen Caught Doing THIS to a Veteran at The Retirement Home… Now its Going VIRAL!

The eighth grader has a gift for gab, chatting with all the elderly patients as he pushes the residents and veterans to therapy and the chapel at the St. Cloud VA Medical Center.
After Aidan was diagnosed with memory lapses, ADHD and high functioning autism earlier this year, his mom worried for him. But the young boy has definitely found his calling.
“I didn’t know that he could thrive in something like this,” says Tanya Hundeby, Aidan’s mother. “School’s been hard for him.”
The nursing home residents also can’t get enough of Aidan, with veterans like George Nistler, who served in Japan after WWII, requesting Aidan’s assistance.
“In all the years — and I’ve been here at the VA for 10 years plus — I’ve never came across a student like you that’s so interactive,” Mary Klosowski told Aidan.
“Everybody, they want Aidan,” she laughs. “But Aidan’s never available because everybody wants him.”
His family couldn’t be prouder: “He’s perfect just the way he is,” says Tanya.

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