Teen Singer Goes on Stage, but then Simon Points him to The Seat Next to his Mom

Reuben Gray, singer-songwriter, thought that his dad wasn’t going to be able to make his big audition for Britain’s Got Talent.
He was absolutely heartbroken that his hardworking father had a job obligation that day… which meant Dad wouldn’t be there to witness his son performing the original song “Lifeline” for the judges.
Good thing Reuben’s mother and girlfriend were there to support him.
But before Reuben sat down at the piano to audition, Simon asked him if his dad is indeed a bigger fan of his music than his mom. Suddenly, the surprised teen heard a familiar voice calling out to him from the audience.
Reuben was given the biggest surprise of his life, with millions of people watching from around the world — and the judges were about to be blown away by his incredible piano and vocal skills. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more from him in the near future.

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