This Woman Parks her Car in Handicap Spot. Then a Disability Van Driver Teaches her a Lesson

In this video titled “Payback Time,” the National Geographic journalist poses as a disability van driver, accompanied by several wheelchair-bound accomplices posing as handicapped. Driver rides around town looking for cars parked illegally in spaces reserved for people who actually need them.
A culprit is spotted at a Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin, Texas where an SUV is parked in a handicap space, right in front of the restaurant’s front doors, without the proper handicap placards.
Time for a little “vigilante justice.”
In an effort to give the violator a taste of her own medicine, the disability van blocks her vehicle in, then the passengers are unloaded from the van very, very slowly.
When the driver returns to her SUV after finishing her meal, she instantly realizes she must wait until all of the passengers are out of the van.
Embarrassed, she apologizes, mentioning she would gladly move her car now.

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