Meet The 6-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Blowing Everyone’s Minds

Little Emily Bear was familiar with music as she grew up with two older siblings who both played instruments, but up until this point she herself had never played. It was natural for grandma to think it was Emily’s older sister at the piano, but when she walked in to discover it was Emily, she was amazed by her natural talent. It was obvious that starting piano lessons would take Emily somewhere quickly, but even grandma and her parents are blown away at what she has accomplished so far.
Many recognize her as “The Next Mozart”, others a prodigy, yet she sees herself much differently. In humility Emily shares, “Actually, I’m just a normal kid that plays piano.” However, when she was invited to the White House to perform at just six years of age, it’s easy to see that Emily’s love for the piano has made her to be a one-of-a-kind musician.
Emily aspires to be a composer when she grows up. Funny thing is, she has already started composing. Her favorite piece is one that she wrote herself for her beloved piano teacher. Watch her amazing story below and listen as she plays part of her favorite piece in the video below.

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