Unique Version of ‘How Great Thou Art,’ Made the Audience Rise to Their Feet in Glory.

One of the things that everyone can easily appreciate is when someone uses their unique talents and abilities in beautiful ways. Stikyard is a group of musicians that does just that. In this video they perform a beautifully unique and creative rendition of the classic hymn “How Great Thou Art”.

The group is mostly different percussion instruments but the vocals also came out strong and passionate as well. There were times during the song that the percussion instruments almost had a cinematic type feel to them and that sound just helps to intensify the feelings one experiences while listening to music.

They can definitely help people worship by elevating the artistic levels and I think even people who are non-religious would be enthralled to watch a performance by this group. Stikyard is a unqiue percussion ensemble that blends both modern and traditional music in a beautiful way that captures your senses.

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