Poor Little Girl was Bullied & Beaten for her Disability, then these Men Show up to Protect Her

Ashley Wastakiewicz was 7 years old and she has been tormented by an 11 year-old boy that has bullied her for more than a year.  The bullying has been so severe that she is afraid to go outside to play.  At one point the boy beat her up so badly that she had to go to the hospital.

“She was pushing her bike home and the bully had pushed her to the ground, had kicked her and had punched her in her face,” her mom, Christine said. While the boy’s mother denies the allegations, the young man was charged with assault.

Ashley’s mom created an anti-bullying Facebook page called “Justice for Ashley” to rally support for her.  But you can bet that Christine never expected that these heroes would rally around them!  Dozens of members of a local motorcycle club showed up in Ashley’s front yard to show their support and maybe show a little bit of intimidation to the neighbor bully!

The bikers walked down the street with Ashley while she rode her scooter.  They even paid the bully neighbor a visit.  Ashley yelled from the street with pride, “I’m not scared anymore!”  

The bikers promised to stay in contact with Ashley and her family.  They hope that word will spread and violent and destructive bullying will come to an end.  As you watch the video below, you can feel the smile on Ashley’s face.



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