Cute Daughter Asking her Divorced Parents to be Friends has Melted a Million Hearts.

This little girl is Tiana, and she’s the 6-year-old daughter to Sherry and her now ex-husband. Well, Tiana is one of those children that doesn’t understand why her parents are continually angry at each other, so she wanted to have a ‘sit down’ talk with mom, and Sherry couldn’t help but record it. What this little girl says to her mother is the very basic response that we see so common from kids, and it’s truly adorable.
You can see in the video some more quotes, but my personal favorite is how she keeps telling her mother that she’s, “… not trying to be mean.” It’s cute how she thinks that telling her mother to ‘play nice’ could be seen as mean, but at the same time most kids know they shouldn’t be telling mommy what to do!

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