Tattooed Dude Breaks Down in Tears when He Finds THIS in The Big White Box

When this couple found out they were pregnant, it was after a really tough road. For over two years, they’d been trying. After a reversal surgery, a pregnancy, a miscarriage, more medical complications, and three rounds of IVF… they finally were going to have a healthy baby.
Finding out you’re going to be a mom or dad is always an adventure. Whether you’ve been trying for years with your spouse, or it’s a surprise after you’ve already decided that the amount of kids you already have is quite enough… it’s going to be a roller coaster ride of emotion either which way.
Dad was going to be so excited no matter what the gender of his first biological child was, but when he opens up a box that reveals if his firstborn is going to be a baby boy or a baby girl? The thing he’d been waiting for for so very long finally hits him as a reality.

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