Farmer gets Jaw-Dropping Makeover that Leaves all The Ladies Stunned

People often give Jason dirty looks, they stare, they can’t believe that a grown man looked this way. Some even called it a Halloween costume. When Oprah’s team took one look at him, they knew that there was a classically handsome man hiding underneath his big, bushy beard. Being the good sport he is, Jason agreed to a makeover. The end result is stunning. The ladies in the audience completely scream when they see just how handsome Jason is.
What I love best about this makeover is that they don’t try to change Jason’s spirit. He still looks very much like the cowboys and country stars he admires, just a little more polished. He got a new cowboy hat and gorgeous cowboy boots. What’s most important is that Jason loves his makeover. He doesn’t feel like he’s dressed like somebody else. He still feels true to himself. The stylists kept this in mind when getting rid of his beard. They wanted the world to see his big, charming smile, which was impossible underneath all the hair!

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