This Mom Raises 3 Normal Daughters, but years later Doctors Realize The STUNNING Truth.

Katie, Cassie and Kristal were faced with unimaginable hardship beginning a very early age when their mother, Ellen, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 20 years ago. The girls spent most of their childhood in a state of worry and suffering. They also lost their father and their home.
By the grace of God, Ellen went into remission, but years later the medical nightmare returned in an unexpected way. Three years ago, at the age of 30, Katie was diagnosed with bowel cancer and had to undergo years of intensive chemotherapy. Her two sisters and mother remained by her side the whole way through. And just when the family thought the worst was behind them, Katie’s two sisters, Cassie and Kristal, were diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s right — all three sisters were diagnosed with cancer within six weeks of each other. The doctors were completely baffled by the family’s seemingly endless battle with this horrible disease.
Now with husbands and families of their own, Katie, Cassie and Kristal had already been through so much. The idea of taking a break from it all seemed downright impossible. But in 2014, Australian radio show hosts and “Give Back” heroes Kyle and Jackie O heard the story behind this remarkable family. They knew they had to help, but what they did is beyond expectation.

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