Kind Woman is Facing Jail Time for Giving Water to Dehydrated Pigs In Truck

Anita Krajnc from Toronto, Canada, is battling the courts for a charge of “mischief” after she discovered a truck full of exhausted, overheated, and dehydrated pigs on their way to slaughter and kindly provided them with some water.
The unfortunate pigs were being sent to Fearman’s Pork Inc. in Burlington, just south of Toronto. You wouldn’t think such a simple act of compassion would receive such an aggressive response, but the driver hurls insults and physical threats at Krajnc, all of which was caught on film.
The next day, pork farmer Eric Van Boekel contacted the police to press charges against Krajnc, citing her as pouring an “unknown liquid” into the compartment.
She and her lawyer will be fighting the charges with testimony from experts in agriculture, nutrition, and veterinary medicine, among several others.
Take a look to see the jarring confrontation.

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