Little Girl Walked up and Faced 8 Police Officers at a Restaurant. You won’t Believe what She Did Next!

Eight-year-old Paige Vazquez, who lives in San Antonio, is not your typical, shy child. In fact, she had no problem going right up to eight police officers who were eating at the same restaurant as her and interrupting their meal.
But Paige’s actions were for a good reason. She went up to the officers not to report a crime, but to ask if she could pray for and with them.
They were touched by the gesture and bowed their heads to pray with Paige. Paige did not know that these officers were still grieving over the loss of a fellow cop who lost his life in the line of duty just last month. She may not have known, but the Holy Spirit sure did and just look at the incredible moment they shared.
This small act of kindness resonated with people all over the world and Paige’s picture is going viral. God bless this young girl and I hope this chain of prayer continues! And we all need to take her advice and never hesitate to pray for anyone around us.

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