Sneaky Little Girl Keeps Stealing Prince Harry’s Popcorn until He Finally Notices

The 2-year-old, called Emily, repeatedly raided the British royal’s snack as he was talking to the man next to him in the crowd during the sitting volleyball semi-final game between the United Kingdom and Denmark.
His Highness made the rookie mistake of turning away for a chat, leaving the tempting treat unguarded. It was at this point crafty Emily went for the grab.
It was almost a minute before the distracted prince realized what was going on.
He then playfully teased the little girl, who is the daughter of his friend British Paralympian David Henson and was sat on her mother Hayley’s lap, before pulling a series of amusing expressions in her direction.
His reaction to Emily’s popcorn poaching was heartwarming. Playfully pulling faces and joking around with the toddler, he showed that he’d be a perfect dad. This is something on the lips of many royal-watchers who have noted his happiness with current girlfriend Meghan Markle, while of course his brother continues to lay the foundations for many generations of royals to come.
Video of the charming encounter soon went viral.

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