This Marine was in Foster Care while her Mom was in Jail. 20 Years Later She Did an Amazing Thing for her Brothers

While Melissa was growing up in and out of foster care, her mother was in and out of jail. Now 21 years old, Melissa is in the Marines. She’s made so much out of her life, when in so many ways she was given so little. The oldest of three siblings, Melissa never got to grow up with her brothers J.J. and Christian. They were always split up in separate foster homes. In fact, Melissa hasn’t seen her brothers in six long years. With the knowledge that her mother recently tested positive for meth use, she’s trying to do the impossible: get full custody of her brothers.
Melissa is terrified the judge will say she’s too young, she can barely afford her rent, or that their foster parents are better providers. Still, she decided to embark on 2,000 mile drive to Alabama to plead in front of a judge and take her two brothers home. That’s where the surprises come in. Prank It FWD decided to pay for Melissa’s gas, one month’s rent, and also food for the road trip.
But there’s more. Watch as Melissa surprises her brothers with the news — the judge said yes — then return home to an even bigger surprise.

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