Surprised Judge Bawls Like a Baby when He Saw Who is Singing on Stage… Unbelievable!

Vernon’s heartwarming rendition of One Direction’s “Story of My Life” already impresses the judges before they turn around and see the man behind the voice. Once Bobby van Jaarsveld spins around in his chair and realizes Vernon cannot see, he breaks down in tears.
Vernon Barnard was born with glaucoma. He could see reasonably well before he lost his sight and underwent 16 operations before turning five years old. But despite his disabilities and hardships, Vernon decided to live out his passion for singing and audition for the The Voice.
“Here’s your guy,” Bobby’s fellow judge whispers into his ear. It’s clear that Bobby feels a very strong connection to this special contestant, and is touched not only by his talent, but also his strength and determination to never give up.

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