Street Performer sits by Church and Instantly Mesmerizes Crowd with his Unique Voice

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. This man is one of the greatest examples of that. He was dressed in all black clothing with boots on his feet. His facial expression gave the impression that he was unapproachable, yet what angelic sound came out of his mouth had people flocking to him.
As people walked by the Strasbourg Cathedral and heard the street performer’s voice, they stopped right there in their tracks. Forgetting where they were headed and with the beautiful building standing behind the man, they listened to his unearthly voice.
The performer’s name is Luc Arbogast and he has a talent quite unlike any other. When people saw his appearance, they quickly learned that his voice was the complete opposite of it. His vocal range is so wide that he can sing higher than even some women. His song began in the higher range, and that’s what caught the strangers off guard. The more they listened, the more enchanting his beautiful singing became. It didn’t take long before an entire crowd formed to listen, and that’s when he shocked them all with a secret they could have never expected.
Watch just how stunning his voice range is in the most shocking street performance!

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